Duties of a Constable

Protecting the Polls

East Stroudsburg State Constable Michael WolbertConstables are required by Pennsylvania statute to maintain order at election polls and ensure that no qualified elector is obstructed from voting. Constables are the only peace officers permitted at the polls on election day. Failure to protect the polls, or provide for their protection through appointed deputies, is punishable by fine.

Constables are paid a fixed fee for performing this duty.

Working for the Courts

East Stroudsburg State Constable Michael WolbertConstables may serve the court, but are not required to. When serving the judiciary, constables may serve judicial process, writs, arrest warrants, levies and collect fines. These services are regulated by Act 49 of the Pennsylvania statutes. The constable is paid for these services by fees which are specified in the statutes, and paid by the defendant in criminal cases or the plaintiff in civil cases.

In some Pennsylvania counties, Constables provide courtroom security and transport prisoners.