Constable Contacted You

Have you received a call, letter or postcard from PA State Constable?

Why did the Constable contact you?

Contact by a constable will be due to your failure to respond to a court summons, fail to make a plea, or failure to make payment on a court judgment against you. When a constable is serving the court, he or she is the one that the warrant has been issued to for service. On the letter or postcard there may be the following information:

  • The Magisterial District Court No. (i.e. 01-1-01).
  • The docket number to reference the warrant with (starting with TR, NT, CR, or PC).
  • A phone number for the court.
  • Optionally a number to contact the Constable.

To resolve the warrant you will need to contact the court or the constable that the warrant is issued to.  Failure to do so will, most likely, result in major inconvenience and higher costs to you.

To make a payment or pay your fine online go to (Click Here)

Contact State Constable
Contact State Constable